Going To The Sun Road from St Mary’s, MT


So, today we decided to finish the complete Going To The Sun Road.  We entered at the St Marys, MT entrance.   Even though we were heading toward the rain it turned out to be a great day with the low clouds over the mountains!01-DSC_0001 02-DSC_0004 02-DSC_0008 03-DSC_0009 03-DSC_0011

Signs of Fall04-DSC_0014 04-DSC_0020 05-DSC_0021 05-DSC_0028

Love the touring cars the National Park Service has.06-DSC_0031 06-DSC_0034 07-DSC_0037 07-DSC_0040 08-DSC_0064 08-DSC_0068 09-DSC_0069 09-DSC_0075 10-DSC_0081 11-DSC_0086 12-DSC_0088 12-DSC_0096 13-DSC_0090 13-DSC_0105 14-DSC_0091 14-DSC_0107 15-DSC_0111

Wild Horses along the highway going to Browning, MT.   This one appeared to be starring at the sculpture.16-DSC_0112

Closer look at the sculpture.17-DSC_0113