Peace River, AB to Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Today we drove 874 km (543 miles).  Hadn’t planned to drive that far, but we started listening to a Book on CD that Jeff & Cindy had loaned us and we just kept driving!

In the clouds on top of the mountain!

I looked over at Raymond and out his window this little guy was running parallel to us!

So cute!


Had to make a stop at Tetsa River Lodge for “Cinnamon Bun Centre of the Galactic Cluster”.  I lived up to it’s billing!    LOL

Another Moose

And Bighorn Sheep

We interrupted his eating in the road, but they moved away and immediately came back to eating!

Back to eating!    LOL


Another Moose and Calf.

Muncho Lake

We decided to stop!   After being on the road so long we were tired.  So we pulled into a Scenic Vista and spent the night boondocking.

We backed in away from the road and this was our view.   Rainy when we pulled in!   Stayed hooked up because of the slope we were parked at.

WOW — all night long I heard the groans and LOUD pops of the truck settling.  Such an angle I thought for sure we would roll back into the woods!

Raymond slept through it all.   GOOD – The Driver should always be rested.  hahahaha