Peace River, AB to Muncho Lake, British Columbia, Canada

Today we drove 874 km (543 miles).  Hadn’t planned to drive that far, but we started listening to a Book on CD that Jeff & Cindy had loaned us and we just kept driving!

In the clouds on top of the mountain!

I looked over at Raymond and out his window this little guy was running parallel to us!

So cute!


Had to make a stop at Tetsa River Lodge for “Cinnamon Bun Centre of the Galactic Cluster”.  I lived up to it’s billing!    LOL

Another Moose

And Bighorn Sheep

We interrupted his eating in the road, but they moved away and immediately came back to eating!

Back to eating!    LOL


Another Moose and Calf.

Muncho Lake

We decided to stop!   After being on the road so long we were tired.  So we pulled into a Scenic Vista and spent the night boondocking.

We backed in away from the road and this was our view.   Rainy when we pulled in!   Stayed hooked up because of the slope we were parked at.

WOW — all night long I heard the groans and LOUD pops of the truck settling.  Such an angle I thought for sure we would roll back into the woods!

Raymond slept through it all.   GOOD – The Driver should always be rested.  hahahaha

Hinton, Alberta

Beaver Boardwalk near Hinton.   Very nice boardwalk with trails looping all around Maxwell Lake.

But no Beavers were spotted today.


Scottish Bluebells

Wild Orchid

Evidence of Beavers!   Still none spotted.   HAHAHA





Ring-necked Duck

On a much brighter day, the violet-purple coloring on these ducks would be visible.

Lake Louise to Hinton, Alberta via Icefield Parkway

Today we left Lake Louise Campground and are headed to Hinton, AB KOA.  We are driving the complete Icefield Parkway and stopping at the Discovery Center about halfway along the parkway.    A friend from my high school in Pensacola will be there, so we are hoping we can rendezvous there and visit for a little while.


Herbert Lake Reflections  (sorry for the other reflections!  We were moving and I was snapping pictures).

a Big Brown Bear and he had a Black Bear about 600 yards behind him.

Bridal Veil Falls along Icefield Pkwy

Distinctly I remember…..


The Glacier Skywalk, we didn’t book ahead and do this.  But it was fun seeing it from The Pkwy.

Another Bear!

And he decided to lay down and eat too!   LOL


Stopped Cars always means there is an animal sighting.

It’s a Male Elk.   What a beautiful creature.

Goose Nest

KOA Hinter Jasper.  What a pretty campground.   But, not one of the best we’ve been in.  The internet went down “right before we got there”.  Come to find out from others parked there it had been down for days, and it’s a recurring problem.   Won’t be staying there again!   So, we went into the Hinton Visitor Center and were able to get online.

Icefield Parkway Adventures

60 miles North on the Icefield Parkway is Waterfowl Lakes.   This area of Alberta is truly the most beautiful places we’ve visited.


Num-Ti-Jah Lodge!   We decided to stop and explore.   Even found some great jackets for 80% off (last season deals).

Fun place to explore their grounds.

Kept driving North to Peyto Lake.   IF you are ever in this area, DO NOT MISS this hike to the lake.   Even more beautiful than Moraine, Louise or Waterfowl.

Hard to believe, I know, but it is.

We trekked through trails covered in snow, but so worth it.

Peyto Lake on Icefields Parkway

Grey Jay

Ruffed Grouse along our trail

True Baby Stars of Alberta

Bow Valley Parkway, Lake Louise Alberta to Banff

Today we are off to Banff via The Bow Valley Parkway.    60 miles from Lake Louise Campground (Trailer) to downtown Banff, Via Canada 1A.   A beautiful road

with lots to see along the way.    We are running parallel to the Bow River and Canada 1, but with the thick forests we are driving through we never see “1” and only

see the Bow River occasionally.


We stopped at Baker Creek Mountain Resort & Cafe, Bow Valley Parkway.    Very cute resort.

From inside the Cafe.

Indian Paintbrush

We decided to hike Castle Mountain Lookout.   Not a long trail, but very steep.  I ended up walking back down the hill with a group we met along the way (that also turned around)

while Raymond continued.    I found Calypso or Fairy slipper orchid growing in forest.      Actually missed seeing them on the way up the mountain.

Had no idea Canada had internment camps!

Another Bear!   Almost daily when we are out we see a bear or more!

This guy decided to lay down and eat.



Vermillion Lake, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Elk in Banff near Tunnel Mountain Campground

Bow Falls, Downtown Banff.

Lakes: Moraine, Herbert and Hector

Since we are only planning a few days in Lake Louise, we are enjoying driving hundreds of miles and (usual for us) being “out and about” every day.

Even drove 70 miles (half way) up The Icefield Parkway.

Gray Jay  of Alberta, Canada



Most visitors claim Lake Louise is the most beautiful, but WOW Lake Moraine knocked my socks off.

Nice paths around the lake to wander.

Raymond spotted this guy, who thought he was not being seen.

We can still see you!    I still don’t see how the rest of his body was hidden, but it was!  That tree just wasn’t “that” big.  LOL



Star Wars Face, do you see it?

Diving Duck

We left Lake Moraine and decided to drive North on The Icefields Parkway.    BEAR!   YAY.

Didn’t think we’d spot on so soon.


Lake Hector, Alberta.

We turned around from taking pictures of Hector Lake and here is another BEAR walking down the center of the road.

 @ Hector Lake Viewpoint.    Glad he was walking away from us!



Reflections of Hector Lake, Alberta

Pale and Beautiful Sunset in Alberta

Lake Louise and Views from Lake Louise (Trailer) Campground

Some Mountain Climbing going on.   An hour later when we came back by this area, she was still up there.  Made me feel tired watching her.   LOL

Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise.  Rooms start at $750

Beautiful Lake Louise

As we left Lake Louise Drive, we saw this Porcupine.

WOW, Look at his claws!

The Avalanche Waiting To Happen!   It did not before we left.

Views from the campground!