Lakes: Moraine, Herbert and Hector

Since we are only planning a few days in Lake Louise, we are enjoying driving hundreds of miles and (usual for us) being “out and about” every day.

Even drove 70 miles (half way) up The Icefield Parkway.

Gray Jay  of Alberta, Canada



Most visitors claim Lake Louise is the most beautiful, but WOW Lake Moraine knocked my socks off.

Nice paths around the lake to wander.

Raymond spotted this guy, who thought he was not being seen.

We can still see you!    I still don’t see how the rest of his body was hidden, but it was!  That tree just wasn’t “that” big.  LOL



Star Wars Face, do you see it?

Diving Duck

We left Lake Moraine and decided to drive North on The Icefields Parkway.    BEAR!   YAY.

Didn’t think we’d spot on so soon.


Lake Hector, Alberta.

We turned around from taking pictures of Hector Lake and here is another BEAR walking down the center of the road.

 @ Hector Lake Viewpoint.    Glad he was walking away from us!



Reflections of Hector Lake, Alberta

Pale and Beautiful Sunset in Alberta