Coy Hill to Lake Louise continued

What a beautiful area!   We missed Banff and Lake Louise in 2014, so this year we planned to be in this area for a while.   Relaxed Adventure to Alaska.

A view from the campground.   Lake Louise (Trailer) Campground is listed in Allstays for 50 ft max.   So, we left the Rig walked from Lake Louise Village to the Campground (.8 mile away).   Checked out the park and found the sites are mostly over 100 feet long!   We were able to pull through and keep truck inline, plus have room for the Smart.  It’s 30amp Electric only, so we came in with empty tanks and full fresh water.   Wonderful park and great central location to Banff and driving the Icefield Parkway.     Because we are early in the Season, this park begins taking reservations 21 June.   After that it remains booked solid.

Unusual for us:  As soon as we set up and unloaded the Smart we headed out to get a bite to eat and explore.  Most restaurants open for dinner around 4pm, so we picked what was open.  Then, drove up to Lake Louise.

The ‘famous’ Lake Louise!

Icebergs in Lake Louise, slowly floating downstream!

Same Iceberg smashing into another one!

Ice Crystals from Lake Louise

These Ice Crystals were floating along the shore line and as the waves would move them they made the sweetest ‘tinkling’ sound.    I could have stayed and listened to that for hours!

Avalanche Zones along the Lake Louise Trail!   This is the first one that could tumble into the trail, even though it appeared small.  We walked as far as we could to the end of the trail along Lake Louise.


Off we go!   We left Rollins, Montana this morning and entered Canada at Roosville.   No delays or problems at the border.    Along Canada 93 I kept seeing these unusual white flowers shaped like Garlic Bulbs on top of a long stalk and then it opens.    Hoping to ID it and I’ll edit this post.

Of course, I’m finally getting around to posting on 27 June!   Better late than never, I guess.    To date, I have not found the name of these plants.    Today is also our oldest’s Birthday:   Happy Birthday, Chris.   Can’t believe we have a Son that is 33.    Where did the time go?



WOW, what a view?

We decided to Boondock for the night.   Several boondock sights we were told about were closed, so we decided to stop a Coy Hill Rest Area.   Next to Columbia Lake.   A nice, fairly level rest area!

Lots of Wild Roses everywhere!