Wichita, KS

Raymond and I decided to spend a day in Wichita, since we are staying longer than the “2014 National Rally”.  Wichita is a short drive from Hutchinson and a really cute town.    We found the Poets Trail Walking Path.  Fun way to spend a nice weather day.01-dsc_0035 02-dsc_0038 03-dsc_0039 Greetings!   04-dsc_0044 05-dsc_0050 06-dsc_0053 07-dsc_0057 08-dsc_0065 09-dsc_0068 10-dsc_0069 11-dsc_0070 12-dsc_0071 13-dsc_0076 14-dsc_0079 15-dsc_0080 Anyone for a little Hopscotch?16-dsc_0083
17-dsc_0087 18-dsc_0094 19-dsc_0097 Fun Sculptures all around downtown.20-dsc_0100