Wichita, KS

Raymond and I decided to spend a day in Wichita, since we are staying longer than the “2014 National Rally”.  Wichita is a short drive from Hutchinson and a really cute town.    We found the Poets Trail Walking Path.  Fun way to spend a nice weather day.01-dsc_0035 02-dsc_0038 03-dsc_0039 Greetings!   04-dsc_0044 05-dsc_0050 06-dsc_0053 07-dsc_0057 08-dsc_0065 09-dsc_0068 10-dsc_0069 11-dsc_0070 12-dsc_0071 13-dsc_0076 14-dsc_0079 15-dsc_0080 Anyone for a little Hopscotch?16-dsc_0083
17-dsc_0087 18-dsc_0094 19-dsc_0097 Fun Sculptures all around downtown.20-dsc_0100

Cherry Creek State Park, Denver, CO

We left Buena Vista on 24 September.   CCSP was a few hours away.   We’ll be staying 2 weeks in the state park so we purchase an annual pass ($70) – and even with that added to cost of campgrounds the per day rate was great.   100′ pull through sites, FHU.  We were behind some trees so we had trouble with reception on the satellite….OTHER than that we will return to this park.   It was great.    Running trails all over.   And 4 miles from Vanessa and Sergei.     YAY!!!!!01-DSC_0015 02-DSC_0020 03-DSC_0023 04-DSC_0025 05-DSC_0027 06-DSC_0028 07-DSC_0031 08-DSC_0032 09-DSC_0054 10-DSC_0063 He caught some dinner! 12-DSC_0078 13-DSC_0083 14-DSC_0089 15-DSC_0094 16-DSC_0095 17-DSC_0097