St Elmo, CO

Visiting a Colorado’s most famous Ghost Town.    LOL01-DSC_0056 02-DSC_0058 03-DSC_0062 04-DSC_0070 05-DSC_0071

The mountains are just beautiful.06-DSC_0075 07-DSC_0083 08-DSC_0084 09-DSC_0090 10-DSC_0093 11-DSC_0101 12-DSC_0105 13-DSC_0110 14-DSC_0114 15-DSC_0115

If you feed the chipmunks here, they will crawl on your shoulder.16-DSC_0117 17-DSC_0126 18-DSC_0141 19-DSC_0142 20-DSC_0144 21-DSC_0169 22-DSC_0173 23-DSC_0197 24-DSC_0206 25-DSC_0226

The triple tunnels on the road behind our campgrounds in Buena Vista, CO.   Carved out by the Chinese who lived here years ago.26-DSC_0229 27-DSC_0235 28-DSC_0246 29-DSC_0257