The City of West Yellowstone, MT


Today I decided to spend my birthday on a walking tour of West Yellowstone.  Perfect weather!01-DSC_0001

Even brochure holders at the Visitor Center and trash cans are painted.02-DSC_0007 03-DSC_0011 04-DSC_0012 05-DSC_0014 06-DSC_0016 07-DSC_0017

RR Depot from another era.08-DSC_0022 09-DSC_0025 10-DSC_0027 11-DSC_0029 12-DSC_0037

And old train car.   What a way to travel.13-DSC_0041

Train car ceiling.14-DSC_0043 15-DSC_0045 16-DSC_0048

Old fashioned soda fountain.17-DSC_0051 18-DSC_0053

View from West Yellowstone KOA campground.19-DSC_0058