Heading to West Yellowstone, MT

Take a closer look!     These are sculptures!     YEP – from a distance they appeared to be horses on the range as we’ve seen so many times.    But, then I noticed none were moving!    LOL01-DSC_0033

Okay – had to include another view!02-DSC_0035

And a closeup!    The Western half of the North American continent is covered with sculptures, but I believe this one ranks as one of the best. 03-DSC_0038

3-DSC_0143 04-DSC_0044 05-DSC_0049 06-DSC_0071 07-DSC_0082 08-DSC_0083 09-DSC_0085 10-DSC_0086 11-DSC_0133

West Yellowstone KOA is very nice!   Views Included.12-DSC_0139 13-DSC_0142