Going To The Sun Road from Columbia Falls, Montana


West Glacier National Park (Columbia Falls, MT) is a very nice area.   And, today, the weather is great for driving the famous ‘going to the sun’ road.01-DSC_0004

We decided to do a little hiking to Avalanche Lake.02-DSC_0009

Crystal Clear Water03-DSC_0011 03-DSC_0012 04-DSC_0016 04-DSC_0021 05-DSC_0023 05-DSC_0024

Love the ‘touring cars’.06-DSC_0026 06-DSC_0027

Shoreline rocks – dry and under water.07-DSC_0033 07-DSC_0034 08-DSC_0037 09-DSC_0038 09-DSC_0040 10-DSC_0039 10-DSC_0051 11-DSC_0052 12-DSC_0044 12-DSC_0055 13-DSC_0049 13-DSC_0083 14-DSC_0084 15-DSC_0053 15-DSC_0090 16-DSC_0054 16-DSC_0094 17-DSC_0066 17-DSC_0114 18-DSC_0075

On a day off, a couple of park employees enjoy the scenery18-DSC_0129 19-DSC_0131 20-DSC_0134 21-DSC_0142 22-DSC_0159 23-DSC_0099 23-DSC_0161 24-DSC_0107 24-DSC_0170 25-DSC_0108 25-DSC_0192 26-DSC_0202 27-DSC_0117 27-DSC_0204 28-DSC_0118 28-DSC_0217 29-DSC_0128 29-DSC_0231 30-DSC_0232 32-DSC_0132 33-DSC_0135 34-DSC_0143 35-DSC_0144  37-DSC_0186 38-DSC_0188 39-DSC_0189  41-DSC_0198 44-DSC_0208 45-DSC_0218

Signs of Fall46-DSC_0228 47-DSC_0229 49-DSC_0234