Bellingham, WA to Coulee City, WA

Bellingham RV Park, Bellingham, WA is a very nice park.Bellingham RV Park, WA We are on the road again, heading to East Glacier, MT….where we left to enter Canada back in May.   02-DSC_0047 03-DSC_0054 Now that looks like fun 05-DSC_0074 06-DSC_0084 07-DSC_0090 08-DSC_0097 Such different trees 10-DSC_0131

This is Pear Country .. and apples too, but mostly we are seeing miles and miles of Pear Trees!   And it’s picking time!Apple Trees, too. 12-DSC_0143

And, who knew there were such beautiful canyons in Eastern Washington near Coulee City.Grand Canyon of WA - Route 2 West of Coulee City 14-DSC_0150 15-DSC_0154

Quail near the Sun Lakes RV Resort, Coulee City, WA16-DSC_0171

Overlook above the campground.17-DSC_0178 18-DSC_0180 19-DSC_0181 20-DSC_0191