Bears and Flowers

We departed Stewart, BC late morning.  Beautiful Mtns covered with fog.01-DSC_0094 02-DSC_0106 03-DSC_0109 04-DSC_0119 Everywhere we’ve been in Canada and Alaska, we’ve seen lots of men and women on bikes….loaded down with their gear.    What great shape they are in for the mountains.05-DSC_0123 06-DSC_0125 Fall is just around the corner.07-DSC_0127 08-DSC_0147 09-DSC_0152 The amazing Bear Family.    Mama Bear and her 3 cubs were safely away from the highway grazing.10-DSC_0194 Then, she decided to get them to the safety of the woods.11-DSC_0196 They weren’t following her so she stood up and called them!12-DSC_0202 13-DSC_0205 14-DSC_0208 As she approached the woods, it appeared she was going to climb a tree.   But, instead, she climbed just a few feet and jumped off to keep going into the woods.15-DSC_0217 One by one, each cub, did EXACTLY as she had done.   Up the tree and jumped off.16-DSC_0220 Cub #217-DSC_0224 And Cub #3.18-DSC_0227 And all 4 disappear into the woods.    MOST amazing thing I’ve seen.    (you can probably imagine just how many pictures I took of that….even though it only lasted very a few minutes).19-DSC_0229 Sights along the way.20-DSC_0238 We stayed in Houston, BC for the night.    SW of us the road has been closed for the China Rose Wildfire, but it is now open.   Lots of smoke in the area so we are hoping we they remain open tomorrow so we can pass.      In the meantime, the owners of Shady Rest RV Campground have beautiful flowers everywhere we look.    The Dahlia’s up here are the largest I’ve ever seen.21-DSC_0246 22-DSC_0247 23-DSC_0248 24-DSC_0249 25-DSC_0250 26-DSC_0251 27-DSC_0252 28-DSC_0253 29-DSC_0254 And the begonia’s too.30-DSC_0256 31-DSC_0257 32-DSC_0258 33-DSC_0259 34-DSC_0260 Greenhouse where she grows delicious Tomatoes.35-DSC_0261