Stewart, BC and Hyder, Alaska

What a FUN afternoon with Roger and Kay!    Just a few more trips across the border into Alaska.01-DSC_0012 Sculpture “Wall Art” at Hyder Bar.Hyder, Alaska Bar 03-DSC_0015 04-DSC_0017 This is the way I thought all of Alaska and The Yukon would be.   Just kidding; but it seems like it should.05-DSC_0018 3rd Largest Glacier in the World.Salmon Glacier, BC, Canada   3rd largest Glacier in the World Raymond ‘living on the edge’.07-DSC_0035 08-DSC_0047 09-DSC_0058 10-DSC_0059 Beautiful Blue Ice of Salmon Glacier.11-DSC_0073 12-DSC_0082 IF you ever go to Stewart, BC be sure to go 1 block off the main road through town to eat at “The Bus”.    BEST FOOD EVER.    Fresh Halibut cannot be beat.The Bus - Best Place in Hyder to eat And the bears come out to Fish Creek Overlook Park, Hyder, AK.14-DSC_0100 15-DSC_0105 16-DSC_0109 17-DSC_0110 Salmon in Fish Creek.Salmon Great viewing walkway above the reach of the bears.19-DSC_0119 20-DSC_0122 21-DSC_0125 22-DSC_0135 Salmon all around him/her 24-DSC_0145 25-DSC_0151 26-DSC_0152 27-DSC_0156 28-DSC_0164 29-DSC_0180

Roger and Kay!Roger & Kaye