Mountain Shadow RV Park, Iskut, BC

When you are driving a rig that is over 60′ long, you always wonder about being able to get out when you turn on a road like this….to get to an RV park.    LOLThe turnoff hwy 37 to Mountain Shadows RV Park, Iskut, BC We pick our parks carefully, usually when Class A RV fit so do we!   And this is the view from the office.     Nice!Mountain Shadows RV Park, Iskut, BC

Plenty of grounds to walk around.Looking back at the RV park from the Lake

Beautiful short hike through the woods to get to this lake.   IF anyone is interested, this 203 acre RV park is For Sale.04-DSC_0187 05-DSC_0188 Startled another family of Grouse as we walked through the woods.06-DSC_0191 07-DSC_0193 08-DSC_0194 09-DSC_0197 10-DSC_0199 11-DSC_0200