Heading out of Alaska


Off we go, today!    Heading toward Seattle, WA to have our Smart car repaired.   It’s just so much easier to sightsee in the Smart.   Beautiful day to be on the road.01-DSC_0037

I just never tire of seeing snow-capped mountains.02-DSC_0040 03-DSC_0043 Fall is right around the corner 05-DSC_0057 06-DSC_0076 07-DSC_0080 08-DSC_0109

We are always on the lookout for the random animal along the side of the road….and today didn’t disappoint.    Grizzly.09-DSC_0123 10-DSC_0131 11-DSC_0138 12-DSC_0154 Destruction Bay RV Park in The Yukon along The Alaska Highway is our stop for the night.13-DSC_0164 14-DSC_0166 15-DSC_0176