Going To The Sun Road from St Mary’s, MT


So, today we decided to finish the complete Going To The Sun Road.  We entered at the St Marys, MT entrance.   Even though we were heading toward the rain it turned out to be a great day with the low clouds over the mountains!01-DSC_0001 02-DSC_0004 02-DSC_0008 03-DSC_0009 03-DSC_0011

Signs of Fall04-DSC_0014 04-DSC_0020 05-DSC_0021 05-DSC_0028

Love the touring cars the National Park Service has.06-DSC_0031 06-DSC_0034 07-DSC_0037 07-DSC_0040 08-DSC_0064 08-DSC_0068 09-DSC_0069 09-DSC_0075 10-DSC_0081 11-DSC_0086 12-DSC_0088 12-DSC_0096 13-DSC_0090 13-DSC_0105 14-DSC_0091 14-DSC_0107 15-DSC_0111

Wild Horses along the highway going to Browning, MT.   This one appeared to be starring at the sculpture.16-DSC_0112

Closer look at the sculpture.17-DSC_0113

Going To The Sun Road from Columbia Falls, Montana


West Glacier National Park (Columbia Falls, MT) is a very nice area.   And, today, the weather is great for driving the famous ‘going to the sun’ road.01-DSC_0004

We decided to do a little hiking to Avalanche Lake.02-DSC_0009

Crystal Clear Water03-DSC_0011 03-DSC_0012 04-DSC_0016 04-DSC_0021 05-DSC_0023 05-DSC_0024

Love the ‘touring cars’.06-DSC_0026 06-DSC_0027

Shoreline rocks – dry and under water.07-DSC_0033 07-DSC_0034 08-DSC_0037 09-DSC_0038 09-DSC_0040 10-DSC_0039 10-DSC_0051 11-DSC_0052 12-DSC_0044 12-DSC_0055 13-DSC_0049 13-DSC_0083 14-DSC_0084 15-DSC_0053 15-DSC_0090 16-DSC_0054 16-DSC_0094 17-DSC_0066 17-DSC_0114 18-DSC_0075

On a day off, a couple of park employees enjoy the scenery18-DSC_0129 19-DSC_0131 20-DSC_0134 21-DSC_0142 22-DSC_0159 23-DSC_0099 23-DSC_0161 24-DSC_0107 24-DSC_0170 25-DSC_0108 25-DSC_0192 26-DSC_0202 27-DSC_0117 27-DSC_0204 28-DSC_0118 28-DSC_0217 29-DSC_0128 29-DSC_0231 30-DSC_0232 32-DSC_0132 33-DSC_0135 34-DSC_0143 35-DSC_0144  37-DSC_0186 38-DSC_0188 39-DSC_0189  41-DSC_0198 44-DSC_0208 45-DSC_0218

Signs of Fall46-DSC_0228 47-DSC_0229 49-DSC_0234

Bellingham, WA to Coulee City, WA

Bellingham RV Park, Bellingham, WA is a very nice park.Bellingham RV Park, WA We are on the road again, heading to East Glacier, MT….where we left to enter Canada back in May.   02-DSC_0047 03-DSC_0054 Now that looks like fun 05-DSC_0074 06-DSC_0084 07-DSC_0090 08-DSC_0097 Such different trees 10-DSC_0131

This is Pear Country .. and apples too, but mostly we are seeing miles and miles of Pear Trees!   And it’s picking time!Apple Trees, too. 12-DSC_0143

And, who knew there were such beautiful canyons in Eastern Washington near Coulee City.Grand Canyon of WA - Route 2 West of Coulee City 14-DSC_0150 15-DSC_0154

Quail near the Sun Lakes RV Resort, Coulee City, WA16-DSC_0171

Overlook above the campground.17-DSC_0178 18-DSC_0180 19-DSC_0181 20-DSC_0191

Fairhaven, Washington

We are back in the Lower 48.    Stopped for a week in Bellingham, WA.    So strange to be back in an area that is so congested.   Lots of traffic!    But good to be back!   Signs of Fall everywhere in the upper NW.13-DSC_0041 12-DSC_0040 Most unusual tree!11-DSC_0039 The unusual tree has a perfect shape!10-DSC_0038 WA 11 in the city of Fairhaven, WA.Love the WA 11 sign 04-DSC_0017 05-DSC_0019 06-DSC_0020 07-DSC_0026 Ornate home in Fairhaven!The Grand Old Home, again Bellingham Bay, WA.03-DSC_0010 02-DSC_0006 Bellingham Bay, WA

Houston, BC to Lac Le Heche, BC

In the distance behind the campground, we can see the smoke from the China Rose Wildfire.China Nose wildfire near Houston, BC Lots of Smoke 3-DSC_0013 4-DSC_0021

Tonight we stopped at Big Country Campground & RV Park, Lac La Heche, BC.   It’s a small campground but pull through sites that are long enough for our rig.    1 more night in Canada.Lac La Heche, BC Big Country RV Campground 7-DSC_0031