Denali National Park

Thank you, Sergei, for picking the perfect day for us to venture to Denali.    Before we left North Pole, AK we checked out the view from the nearby street.   We are about 100 miles (as the crow flies) away.    Just beautiful.View of Denali from North Pole, AK 02-DSC_0181

From inside the Denali NP.   We found no parking spaces at the last place private vehicles can park (14 miles into the park)…so we parked at Mountain Vista Trailhead (about 12 miles into the park).WOW 04-DSC_0191 05-DSC_0198 06-DSC_0202

Geared up and off we go.Sergei and Raymond leading the way Vanessa, Bucky and Raymond 09-DSC_0210

The views along the way.   Apparently on 30% of the visitors to Denali get to view Mt McKinley.   It creates its own weather and is usually shrouded in clouds.  10-DSC_0216 11-DSC_0222 12-DSC_0232 13-DSC_0233 Raymond 15-DSC_0241 DANG - That's the trail. Sergei 18-DSC_0262 19-DSC_0274 Magpie 21-DSC_0303


On the way back, we stopped at the Sled Dog area of Denali and were just in time to watch them feed the dogs.   More petting!23-DSC_0307 24-DSC_0311 25-DSC_0321 26-DSC_0322 27-DSC_0323 28-DSC_0330

Back at Riverview RV Park, the Beaver is grazing on the edge of the Chena River again tonight.29-DSC_0336 30-DSC_0337