Riverboat Discovery

If you are in Fairbanks, I highly recommend taking this cruise on the Chena River.   Well worth it!01-DSC_0009

Beautiful Riverboat Interior.Inside the Riverboat Discovery III

Cruisin Along on a beautiful day!Kayaker on the Chena River

Float Plane Demo of Taking off and Landing.04-DSC_0016

Life on the Chena River.  Beautiful homes!Homes along the Chena River

Susan Butcher’s Family continues her legacy!06-DSC_0024

Training the new pups.07-DSC_0032

A training run.08-DSC_0038

All of the dogs want to run!09-DSC_0042 10-DSC_0057

After the run, they get to jump in the Chena River!11-DSC_0064

Riverboat Discovery II 13-DSC_0080

The Athabaskan Village.    Off of the riverboat, touring the village.14-DSC_0090 15-DSC_0095

Beautiful Parka with a hood that resembles the Sun.16-DSC_0101 17-DSC_0102

And a petting area while learning moreabout Sled Dogs!    18-DSC_0111

Vanessa enjoying the doggies!Petting Sled Dogs

MOOOOSSSEEE!20-DSC_0133 21-DSC_0135 22-DSC_0137 23-DSC_0138

Learning about preparing Salmon for smoking.24-DSC_0145

Back at the RV Park, we found a Beaver on the banks of the Chena River.25-DSC_0162

Even though it’s still light after sunset, we are starting to see the Sun actually drop below the horizon.Sunset in North Pole, AK 27-DSC_0176