The Arctic Circle

We picked a great day for a road trip to The Arctic Circle.     We are driving the Dalton Highway (same used by The Ice Road Truckers).  Some paved, some gravel. 01-DSC_0023

The Aleyska PipelineAlesyka Pipeline along the Elliott Highway

Vans and Bucky, the jetsetter.03-DSC_0029 04-DSC_0035 05-DSC_0039 06-DSC_0043 07-DSC_0049 08-DSC_0061 09-DSC_0083

The Yukon River10-DSC_0092 11-DSC_0093 12-DSC_0095 13-DSC_0097 14-DSC_0099

Lots of truckersIce Road Trucker

Time out of driving for a little hiking.  Finger Mountain was used by the aviators to direct their path to Fairbanks.16-DSC_0106 17-DSC_0117 18-DSC_0128 19-DSC_0132

After about 7 hours, we are inside the Arctic Circle.20-DSC_0137

Vans and Sergei are inside The Arctic Circle.Vans & Sergei were on the Arctic Circle side.

Directed to switch end by the volunteer taking our pictures.  I love how she kept snapping pictures during this process.   🙂change sides - so we are on the Arctic Circle side.   LOL 23-DSC_0144 24-DSC_0146

Red Squirrel running toward the visitors.   Not shy.25-DSC_0155 26-DSC_0159

Grey Jay!Grey Jay Grey Jay 29-DSC_0195 30-DSC_0197