Fairbanks, Alaska

We arrived in Fairbanks, and spent a few days catching up on sleep, laundry, cleaning, etc.    When we finally took the Smart off its bed, I drove it away from the truck to park it…all fine!    But when we wanted to go sightseeing it wouldn’t start and we have an 3 solid bars on the dash.   No Smart dealers in Fairbanks – so we are heading to Seattle on the 10th of August.    So, we easily pushed it to line it up to reload it on the bed of the truck. That went lots smoother than either of us thought it would.      Always an adventure and we have to stay flexible.

So we drove the Volvo to downtown Fairbanks.    Walked around, went in the Visitor Center, got lots of information about things to do, trails to hike when Vans & Sergei arrive. Fairbanks even paints around their manholes.Fairbanks, AK - even paints around their manholes.

These plants line several of the street flowerbeds.02-DSC_0016

At the Fairbanks Visitor Center.03-DSC_0020

Wonderful display inside of ‘life in Alaska’.   We especially enjoyed this:04-DSC_0025

I loved the bead work of the original Alaskans.05-DSC_0028 06-DSC_0031

Beautiful tile designs in the walkway around the visitor center.07-DSC_0039 08-DSC_0040 09-DSC_0045 10-DSC_0051 11-DSC_0053

Walkway along the Chena River which runs 110 miles.   Even our campground is on the Chena River and it’s 11 miles East of here.12-DSC_0060 13-DSC_0070 14-DSC_0073

The end of the Alaska Highway.  Milepost 1523.15-DSC_0080 16-DSC_0083

Almost every shop has lovely flowers outside.17-DSC_0088

And, in front of the Fairbanks Post Office were these scenes in their fence.These 4 were in front of the USPS. 19-DSC_0090