Russian River

Russian River and Kenai River connect.   Hot fishing spots…so off we go to check it out.  Hoping to see fish and maybe a few bears from a distance (of course).02-DSC_0015 03-DSC_0023

The boys jumped over a creek.   I decided it was a bit to wide for me….and I didn’t feel like getting wet.   🙂04-DSC_0025 07-DSC_0047 08-DSC_0050

The Russian River.09-DSC_0054 10-DSC_0056

The Kenai at the mouth of the Russian River.   Kenai River is crystal blue/green.   Russian River is just clear!   Both beautiful.11-DSC_0057

Fishing in the rain!12-DSC_0059 13-DSC_0060

Pulling in a fish.14-DSC_0065 15-DSC_0067

All staged.   It’s wasn’t that cold.   Very Funny Josh!16-DSC_0070 17-DSC_0071 20-DSC_0075

Happy Seagull.19-DSC_0074

The Kenai was a aqua as her jacket.18-DSC_0072

Blackburnian Warbler.Blackburnian Warbler 05-DSC_0027 01-DSC_0002