Bore Tide, Revisited!

After we got settled back in the campground in Anchorage, we headed out to catch the Bore Tide.   Full Moon tonight and the wind is blowing in the right direction to create a large wave.    We found a spot to start the wave go by and then hopped in the truck and went to the next parking area south.   Like last time, we hopped ahead of it about 4 times.02-DSC_0014

This rider is getting a long ride.03-DSC_0036

Even riders using inflatable boats.04-DSC_0044

The scenic train stopped on it’s return to Anchorage so the passengers could watch the action.05-DSC_0045 06-DSC_0051

And, one of the riders, probably hired a film crew.  This helicopter followed him for about an hour.07-DSC_0053

At one of the spots, waiting.Josh Waiting on the Bore Tide 09-DSC_0081 10-DSC_0108 11-DSC_0117

Portage Glacier.12-DSC_0124

A sight seldom seen, a CABOOSE.13-DSC_0138

On our way back, lots of people were viewing the mountainside.   So we stopped and found Mtn Goats.14-DSC_0143