Alaska Sealife Center, Seward, Alaska

This is a must-see if you are in Seward.   Very nice Sealife Center.01-DSC_0051 02-DSC_0052

And the kids have plenty of places to play!  🙂03-DSC_0054

One of the Alaskan King Crabs that escaped from “Deadliest Catch”.04-DSC_0055 05-DSC_0058 06-DSC_0065 07-DSC_0066

King Eider.    And I thought the Puffins would be my favorite.   King Eider

The Tufted Puffin.09-DSC_0069 10-DSC_0076 11-DSC_0078

Harlequin Duck.Harlequin Duck

Horned Puffin.Horned Puffin 14-DSC_0095 15-DSC_0100 16-DSC_0101 17-DSC_0102 18-DSC_0103 19-DSC_0106

Halibut.20-DSC_0107 21-DSC_0108

From the deck of the Sealife Center.   Resurrection Bay.22-DSC_0109

And, then, all through the Sealife Center there was amazing art work.23-DSC_0112 24-DSC_0116 25-DSC_0120 26-DSC_0122 27-DSC_0123 28-DSC_0124 29-DSC_0130 30-DSC_0133 31-DSC_0134 32-DSC_0136 33-DSC_0146 34-DSC_0147 35-DSC_0148 36-DSC_0149

One more shot of the King Eider.King Eider