A day on the water for Josh and Chris!

Since Raymond and I really aren’t fishermen, we sent Chris and Josh out on a charter.   “Seward Fishing Club” had a brochure in the Anchorage Visitor Center and the boys had a blast with the crew.   They came back with over 7 lbs of flesh.   We found a processor on the docks and they both will be taking home fresh, frozen Salmon.   Thanks, Josh, for sharing the pictures you took.


On the return to the docks, the Humpback Whales we corralling fish to their own dinner.  The captain stopped the boat so the fishermen could enjoy a little whale watching.2-IMG_4962 3-IMG_4963

Hey – Vanessa and Sergei — I’m pretty sure these are the same Whales you saw in Hawaii in March!    LOL – could be, right?4-IMG_4965 5-IMG_4966 6-IMG_4989

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