William Jack Hernandez Fish Hatchery


Today started out to be a day of fishing on Ships Creek (downtown Anchorage) for Chris and Josh, but Dustin Slinker, Owner of “the bait shack” suggested that we wait and fish Seward.   Ships Creek was being closed at midnight so the Salmon could make their way upstream to the Fish Hatchery.    It was so nice of him to advise us to wait for better fishing.      He suggested we go right down the road to the fish hatchery and the Salmon Ladder.01-DSC_0003

This mural is inside the hatchery.   All half inch tiles!02-DSC_0004 03-DSC_0010 04-DSC_0016 05-DSC_0017 06-DSC_0023 07-DSC_0024

The Salmon Ladder.   I am amazed the Salmon can jump up each ‘step’….one step has to be at least 8’ high.    With the low numbers coming up stream right now, we only saw a couple jumping up.    I think we’ll revisit here, next weekend when we get back to Anchorage!08-DSC_0028 09-DSC_0029 10-DSC_0045

But, as you can see, a fair number of Salmon are making their way up the creek (river).11-DSC_0050 12-DSC_0054