Off to Seward, Alaska

We are heading to Seward today.   It’s a small town on the east side of the Kenai Peninsula.    Raymond and Josh are driving the Rig.    Chris and I are driving the rental car…the only drawback of having a Smart – when family and friends come to visit we need a larger car.   (NOT a complaint, just a fact).   LMAO01-DSC_0060

Even with the low clouds over the mountain tops, Alaska is beautiful.   Thanks, Chris, for taking so many pictures while I was driving.02-DSC_0061 03-DSC_0072 04-DSC_0081

This is Stoney Creek.   Next to the campground we’ll be at this week.05-DSC_0099

Rich History in Dog Sledding.06-DSC_0101

The boys finally gets the hooks in the water.   Resurrection Bay downtown Seward.   The water is a beautiful blue/green.07-DSC_0107

Josh found a friend.   That blip in the water to his left is an Otter.08-DSC_0108 09-DSC_0115 10-DSC_0125

The Visitor Center told us about Nash Road.   On the other side of Resurrection Bay from downtown.   WOW – amazing landscape continues.11-DSC_0147

And we had some fun with the Eagles perched in the treetops just off Nash Road.12-DSC_0154

I think he spotted us.13-DSC_0155

And, Raymond did a soft whistle and he started calling another Eagle a short distance away.    Never seen an Eagle lift his head and do this.    FUN14-DSC_0160 15-DSC_0169

Just taking in the view.16-DSC_0178

A juvenile Eagle hanging around fishermen on Nash Road.17-DSC_0183 18-DSC_0191

On the way home, Chris spotted this guy just sitting on the edge of the road.  It’s a wonder I didn’t smush him.    Chris moved him off the road to safety.19-DSC_0198

Sunset from the RV.   We are surrounded by mountains in this campground.20-DSC_0206