Happy Independence Day from Anchorage, Alaska


Happy 4th of July everyone!   We headed up to Independence Mines State Park (as mentioned in an earlier post).     Fun day with the boys!Little Susitna River 03-DSC_0033 04-DSC_0034 02-DSC_002205-DSC_0037 06-DSC_0041 07-DSC_0043 08-DSC_0044

We decided to hike up the side of the mountain.09-DSC_0045 10-DSC_0048 11-DSC_0049 12-DSC_0051 13-DSC_0057

I’d never crawl in there14-DSC_0060

but Chris did.   LOL15-DSC_0061 16-DSC_0065

A view from above.17-DSC_0069

Still going up and up!18-DSC_0071

And when we got to the top, we found a beautiful lake with icebergs.And when we went over the ridge look what we found! 20-DSC_0077 21-DSC_0079 22-DSC_0085 23-DSC_0090 24-DSC_0092

A dragonfly lands on the water and then takes off.25-DSC_0095 26-DSC_0103 27-DSC_0109

The iceberg Josh tossed.28-DSC_0110

Back down beside the ‘mine ruins’, we did a little ‘panning’.  According to the Park Rangers – anything you find you can keep.29-DSC_0126 30-DSC_0129 31-DSC_0131 32-DSC_0134

Alaska Dogwood….is ground cover.33-DSC_0137

Sunset back at Golden Nugget Campground.34-DSC_0145 35-DSC_0146

And since it’s the 4th of July, we enjoyed nearby fireworks in nearby Russian Jack Springs Park (across from our campgrounds).36-DSC_0148 37-DSC_0149