Hatcher Pass & Independence Mines State Park


About 45 minutes North fo Anchorage, is Hatcher Pass and Independence Mines State Park.    After exploring a good part of the day, we decided we’d bring Chris & Josh (our Sons) here on the 4th of July.    Wide open space to roam the mountain sides, explore an old mine, and even do a little gold panning.     View of the fireworks can be seen in the valley below at Midnight – doubt we’ll stay for that.   LOL

Park Ranger claims this is a Marmot.    (looked just like a Prairie Dog to us).   LOL02-DSC_0038 03-DSC_0041 05-DSC_0047 06-DSC_0048

Raymond inspecting an old engine!07-DSC_0062

Baby bird was on the ground – all alone.  When the Mom flew in the baby started squawking.08-DSC_0075

But the Mom won out.09-DSC_0076 10-DSC_0083 11-DSC_0097

We even hiked across small patches of snow!12-DSC_0106 13-DSC_0108

A view from above the ruins.14-DSC_0121 15-DSC_0133 16-DSC_0134 17-DSC_0147

We returned to Anchorage via the Glenn Hwy through Wasilla.18-DSC_0154 19-DSC_0160

Reflection Lake20-DSC_0169

This is the mountain seen in the above picture.21-DSC_0170

Alaska Wild Rose.22-DSC_0171 23-DSC_0172 24-DSC_0175 25-DSC_0177

Iris grow wild everywhere.26-DSC_0179 27-DSC_0180 28-DSC_0186 30-DSC_0189 31-DSC_0190

Horsetail Fern is growing everywhere.  Invasive plant up here, but it’s really pretty.32-DSC_0191 33-DSC_0192 34-DSC_0198

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