LARS (Large Animal Research Station) and Georgeson Botanical Gardens

With 20+ hours of daylight it’s no wonder vegetables grows huge here.  Check out this Rubarb that is growing everywhere.

Rubarb growing wild in Riverview RV Park, Fairbanks, AK








Georgeson Botanical Gardens,  part of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks.   Beautiful gardens.   Thursday Nights they have concerts on their grounds.      Vanessa and Sergei seem to be enjoying the gardens.    LOL













Santa Claus House, North Pole, AK since 1950.



Denali National Park

Thank you, Sergei, for picking the perfect day for us to venture to Denali.    Before we left North Pole, AK we checked out the view from the nearby street.   We are about 100 miles (as the crow flies) away.    Just beautiful.View of Denali from North Pole, AK 02-DSC_0181

From inside the Denali NP.   We found no parking spaces at the last place private vehicles can park (14 miles into the park)…so we parked at Mountain Vista Trailhead (about 12 miles into the park).WOW 04-DSC_0191 05-DSC_0198 06-DSC_0202

Geared up and off we go.Sergei and Raymond leading the way Vanessa, Bucky and Raymond 09-DSC_0210

The views along the way.   Apparently on 30% of the visitors to Denali get to view Mt McKinley.   It creates its own weather and is usually shrouded in clouds.  10-DSC_0216 11-DSC_0222 12-DSC_0232 13-DSC_0233 Raymond 15-DSC_0241 DANG - That's the trail. Sergei 18-DSC_0262 19-DSC_0274 Magpie 21-DSC_0303


On the way back, we stopped at the Sled Dog area of Denali and were just in time to watch them feed the dogs.   More petting!23-DSC_0307 24-DSC_0311 25-DSC_0321 26-DSC_0322 27-DSC_0323 28-DSC_0330

Back at Riverview RV Park, the Beaver is grazing on the edge of the Chena River again tonight.29-DSC_0336 30-DSC_0337

Riverboat Discovery

If you are in Fairbanks, I highly recommend taking this cruise on the Chena River.   Well worth it!01-DSC_0009

Beautiful Riverboat Interior.Inside the Riverboat Discovery III

Cruisin Along on a beautiful day!Kayaker on the Chena River

Float Plane Demo of Taking off and Landing.04-DSC_0016

Life on the Chena River.  Beautiful homes!Homes along the Chena River

Susan Butcher’s Family continues her legacy!06-DSC_0024

Training the new pups.07-DSC_0032

A training run.08-DSC_0038

All of the dogs want to run!09-DSC_0042 10-DSC_0057

After the run, they get to jump in the Chena River!11-DSC_0064

Riverboat Discovery II 13-DSC_0080

The Athabaskan Village.    Off of the riverboat, touring the village.14-DSC_0090 15-DSC_0095

Beautiful Parka with a hood that resembles the Sun.16-DSC_0101 17-DSC_0102

And a petting area while learning moreabout Sled Dogs!    18-DSC_0111

Vanessa enjoying the doggies!Petting Sled Dogs

MOOOOSSSEEE!20-DSC_0133 21-DSC_0135 22-DSC_0137 23-DSC_0138

Learning about preparing Salmon for smoking.24-DSC_0145

Back at the RV Park, we found a Beaver on the banks of the Chena River.25-DSC_0162

Even though it’s still light after sunset, we are starting to see the Sun actually drop below the horizon.Sunset in North Pole, AK 27-DSC_0176

The Arctic Circle

We picked a great day for a road trip to The Arctic Circle.     We are driving the Dalton Highway (same used by The Ice Road Truckers).  Some paved, some gravel. 01-DSC_0023

The Aleyska PipelineAlesyka Pipeline along the Elliott Highway

Vans and Bucky, the jetsetter.03-DSC_0029 04-DSC_0035 05-DSC_0039 06-DSC_0043 07-DSC_0049 08-DSC_0061 09-DSC_0083

The Yukon River10-DSC_0092 11-DSC_0093 12-DSC_0095 13-DSC_0097 14-DSC_0099

Lots of truckersIce Road Trucker

Time out of driving for a little hiking.  Finger Mountain was used by the aviators to direct their path to Fairbanks.16-DSC_0106 17-DSC_0117 18-DSC_0128 19-DSC_0132

After about 7 hours, we are inside the Arctic Circle.20-DSC_0137

Vans and Sergei are inside The Arctic Circle.Vans & Sergei were on the Arctic Circle side.

Directed to switch end by the volunteer taking our pictures.  I love how she kept snapping pictures during this process.   🙂change sides - so we are on the Arctic Circle side.   LOL 23-DSC_0144 24-DSC_0146

Red Squirrel running toward the visitors.   Not shy.25-DSC_0155 26-DSC_0159

Grey Jay!Grey Jay Grey Jay 29-DSC_0195 30-DSC_0197

Vanessa and Sergei arrive in Fairbanks, AK

As mentioned in an earlier post, we were fortunate to have Chris and Josh join us in Anchorage and Seward, AK.    The next 10 days, we be able to enjoy Fairbanks with Vanessa and Sergei.    Let the Fun Begin!

Impressive Bears inside the Fairbanks Airport.   Sorry about the glare!01-DSC_0013 02-DSC_0014

Downtown at the Visitor Center on the banks of the Chena River.03-DSC_0030 04-DSC_0038 05-DSC_0042

What can I say, “like Father, like Daughter”.    LOL06-DSC_0044

Love this one!!!!!07-DSC_0045

Actually a pet duck.   Young boy picked him up right after we took this picture.08-DSC_0051

Beautiful Flowers everywhere we go.    With 20 hours of daylight in the summer, what else would you expect?09-DSC_0055 10-DSC_0058 11-DSC_0060 12-DSC_0061

The Alaska (Aleyska) Pipeline, just 7 miles North of Fairbanks.13-DSC_0065 1133pm Sunset, Fairbanks, AK

Fairbanks, Alaska

We arrived in Fairbanks, and spent a few days catching up on sleep, laundry, cleaning, etc.    When we finally took the Smart off its bed, I drove it away from the truck to park it…all fine!    But when we wanted to go sightseeing it wouldn’t start and we have an 3 solid bars on the dash.   No Smart dealers in Fairbanks – so we are heading to Seattle on the 10th of August.    So, we easily pushed it to line it up to reload it on the bed of the truck. That went lots smoother than either of us thought it would.      Always an adventure and we have to stay flexible.

So we drove the Volvo to downtown Fairbanks.    Walked around, went in the Visitor Center, got lots of information about things to do, trails to hike when Vans & Sergei arrive. Fairbanks even paints around their manholes.Fairbanks, AK - even paints around their manholes.

These plants line several of the street flowerbeds.02-DSC_0016

At the Fairbanks Visitor Center.03-DSC_0020

Wonderful display inside of ‘life in Alaska’.   We especially enjoyed this:04-DSC_0025

I loved the bead work of the original Alaskans.05-DSC_0028 06-DSC_0031

Beautiful tile designs in the walkway around the visitor center.07-DSC_0039 08-DSC_0040 09-DSC_0045 10-DSC_0051 11-DSC_0053

Walkway along the Chena River which runs 110 miles.   Even our campground is on the Chena River and it’s 11 miles East of here.12-DSC_0060 13-DSC_0070 14-DSC_0073

The end of the Alaska Highway.  Milepost 1523.15-DSC_0080 16-DSC_0083

Almost every shop has lovely flowers outside.17-DSC_0088

And, in front of the Fairbanks Post Office were these scenes in their fence.These 4 were in front of the USPS. 19-DSC_0090

Russian River

Russian River and Kenai River connect.   Hot fishing spots…so off we go to check it out.  Hoping to see fish and maybe a few bears from a distance (of course).02-DSC_0015 03-DSC_0023

The boys jumped over a creek.   I decided it was a bit to wide for me….and I didn’t feel like getting wet.   🙂04-DSC_0025 07-DSC_0047 08-DSC_0050

The Russian River.09-DSC_0054 10-DSC_0056

The Kenai at the mouth of the Russian River.   Kenai River is crystal blue/green.   Russian River is just clear!   Both beautiful.11-DSC_0057

Fishing in the rain!12-DSC_0059 13-DSC_0060

Pulling in a fish.14-DSC_0065 15-DSC_0067

All staged.   It’s wasn’t that cold.   Very Funny Josh!16-DSC_0070 17-DSC_0071 20-DSC_0075

Happy Seagull.19-DSC_0074

The Kenai was a aqua as her jacket.18-DSC_0072

Blackburnian Warbler.Blackburnian Warbler 05-DSC_0027 01-DSC_0002

Seward “Mural Capital of Alaska”

Another view from our RV…the surrounding mountains just never get old.01-DSC_0001

While the boys were out fishing, we went sightseeing.   Short drive to Exit Glacier.  We didn’t walk up to the glacier today, but plan to return with the guys.02-DSC_0009

Seward Mural Society oversees 16 Murals around town.  #1 “Kenai Fjords National Park”03-DSC_0015

Resurrection Bay04-DSC_0018

#7  “The Iditarod Trail”05-DSC_0021

What a wonderful little town.06-DSC_0024

#11 “Wildflower Garden”09-DSC_0027

William H Seward08-DSC_002607-DSC_0025 10-DSC_0028

The docks of Seward.11-DSC_0052



And the boys return.14-DSC_0073

Another view from the RV.15-DSC_0075

Sunset from Seward.16-DSC_0076

Salmon Ladder, Anchorage

With Ships Creek closed this past week, I figured it might be a good time to revisit the Salmon Ladder.   In hopes of seeing more Salmon climbing the ladder.   SURE ENOUGH…they were attempting the jump every minute or two.1-DSC_0188 2-DSC_0203 3-DSC_0206

It’s hard to tell…but the yellow at the back of this Salmon is his tail fin…helping him move up the shallow water toward the ladder.4-DSC_0208 5-DSC_0218 6-DSC_0220 7-DSC_0224