Alaska Botanical Garden

Have you even been to a Botanical Garden where there are 2 Bear Warnings before you get inside the gate?    And, it’s enclosed in a high chain link fence?     Jurassic Park feeling, right?

Anyway, we went to the Botanical Garden today.   100 acres.   Lots of natural (ungroomed areas), lots of trails leading off several directions, and beautiful flowers, plants, and trees.  Some were labeled, some were not so names are mostly not included.


Canada Dogwood is ground cover!1-DSC_0022 2-DSC_0056


One of my favorite!4-DSC_008501-DSC_0015 1-DSC_0014 02-DSC_0020 03-DSC_0024

These little flowers were clustered together and the size of a dime.  (total size…not each flower).   04-DSC_0030 05-DSC_0038 06-DSC_0045 07-DSC_0047 08-DSC_0052

Bleeding Heart!Bleeding Heart

Himalayan Peony.10-DSC_0072 11-DSC_0082 12-DSC_0086

And we wandered around the roads near the gardens, and found a wonderful overlook of Anchorage and Cook Inlet. Mostly overcast weather!Overlooking Anchorage and Cook IslandAnd, tonight, we look forward to visiting with a friend that just flew in from Jacksonville. He flew in to enjoy a week or so of fishing!