Bore Tide, Anchorage, Alaska

“Whaling Wall”    601 D Street – downtownWhaling Wall  601 D St  Anchorage, AK

Beautiful parks downtown!Downtown Anchorage D Street 03-DSC_0018 04-DSC_0020 05-DSC_0021

Anchorage Visitor Center.   This is only one of the three on this downtown corner.06-DSC_0022

More murals and park entrance.More Murals

Then we headed South on Seward Hwy.   This is the Indian Valley Meats located in Indian, AK.    Great local shop that processes fish and meats.Indian Valley Meats, Indian, AK Seward Hwy South of Beluga Point

Cook Inlet.   Low Tide.09-DSC_0057 Bore Tide is coming!

Bore Tide near Beluga Point.1st Glimpse of Bore Tide Eagle

South near Bird we found the Bore Tide Wave Riders.    We passed them here, stopped and let them catch up to the scenic overlook, and then we hopped in the car and drove South and waited for them again.   I think we did that 4 times.     FUN.13-DSC_0105 14-DSC_0109 15-DSC_0114 16-DSC_0129

South before the Bore Tide.17-DSC_0134

And we found more Glaciers – Background is Portage Glacier!Bore Tide!

On the return home, this is Cook Inlet.   Tide is still coming in.19-DSC_0145

Some grass has started growing on some of the Mud Flats.YES that is grass growing on the Mud Flats - Seward Hwy South of Beluga Point

We saw two rainbows near home, but only 12 raindrops fell.    🙂God's Promise!    Rainbow near DeBarr St