The Moose Family near our RV Campground

I know you’ve all heard stories about Bear and Moose in Alaska neighborhoods.  We’ve seen it for ourselves.    We are on a 2 lane road, 1 block from Costco and several other stores.   Busy streets and woods all around.    We were going sightseeing and as we pulled out of the campground we look across the road (next to a playground) and a Moose and 2 calves were grazing right at the edge of the trees.    Everyone at the playground cleared out to the far side!    Alaskans know all about Mama Moose!


Every so often we see everyone clear the playground, so she’s visits often with her 2 calves.1-DSC_0002

The clearing to the right is where the playground begins.2-DSC_0004 3-DSC_0007 4-DSC_0008 5-DSC_0011 6-DSC_0013 7-DSC_0016 8-DSC_0018