Eagles & Arctic Terns

We drove to Potter’s Marsh.    One photographer was kind enough to share the places to view the Eagles.    Not present when we first got there, but then I spotted one high in the air being chased by a Seagull or a Tern.     Great area with boardwalks over the marsh.  Spectacular Views.02-DSC_0140 03-DSC_0141 04-DSC_0142 05-DSC_0143 06-DSC_0144

Swallows.   So pretty and blue!07-DSC_0145

The Eagle high above.08-DSC_0149 09-DSC_0150

Flying in to the nest.10-DSC_0159 11-DSC_0171 12-DSC_0173

Swallow in one of the houses the park built.13-DSC_0179 14-DSC_0180

Arctic Tern.15-DSC_0190 16-DSC_0192 17-DSC_0193

Mama Seagull herding her babies!18-DSC_0196 19-DSC_0199 20-DSC_0203 21-DSC_0204