Mayor’s Midnight Half Marathon

Raymond and I hope to participate in a Half Marathon in all 50 States.  Soon we’ll join the club “50 States Half Marathon”.    We signed up months ago and even though we had a few delays we arrived in Anchorage on time.   Race Day weather was Rain and 48 degrees!    That didn’t stop us!     Rain Gear was a blessing!   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Before the race began, I met Robin and with similar strides we walked and talked during the whole 13.1 miles.     The miles flew by!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The views along the path.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we arrive at this narrow muddy path and you’d think we were doing a Mud Run – slipping and slidding, hills, people falling….we got through without falling but I’m not sure how.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Almost a mile through a mud path (and hills).  Lots of people fell down.

I glance around the surroundings (once in a while) and what do I see?   A Moose and her calf.   Got a few quick pictures, since none of us wanted her agitated.   She was only about 60′ off the path.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

View of downtown Anchorage – where the race began and ended.   We still have 2 miles from this point.Downtown Anchorage, AK

But, in the end, Raymond and I both finished!!!!    The times weren’t great but it was fun!  The hills were grueling (as they stated in the race brochures) – it lived up to that!We Finished.