Tok, Alaska to Anchorage, AK

Did I mention the views?   Certainly in some of my previous pages I’ve mentioned it.  🙂Tok Cutoff to Anchorage, AK Along the Tok Cutoff

Reflections in the water.HAHA - that's not a duck or a swan...just a piece of wood.

Tundra Swans.04-DSC_0026 05-DSC_0030 06-DSC_0031 07-DSC_0045 08-DSC_0050

Tazlina Glacier

Tazlina Glacier Tazlina Glacier 11-DSC_0141 12-DSC_0152 13-DSC_0156 14-DSC_0160 15-DSC_0161

Nelchina Glacier.Nelchina Glacier - seen from Glenn Highway 17-DSC_0174 Nelchina Glacier

This guy almost landed on my head when we pulled up at a rest area.  Got several great pictures of him and then the female appeared.   Had to be a nest very near, but we never spotted it.    I’m still searching for the ID on these birds.   Blue Beaks were beautiful.19-DSC_0083 20-DSC_0085

The ever present Seagulls.   🙂21-DSC_0092

Here is the female of the charcoal bird.22-DSC_0101 23-DSC_0114 Matanuska Glacier

I’ve been on top of the RV beside the road taking pictures of bears….now, Raymond is on the Volvo bed taking pictures of Glaciers!25-DSC_0119

Matanuska Glacier. Matanuska Glacier 27-DSC_0122