Welcome to ALASKA So great to be back in the USA!

Beautiful morning for moving on down the highway!01-DSC_0149

Takhini River02-DSC_0155 03-DSC_0164

Canyon Creek Bridge was a fun roadside stop to explore!  Of course, you can always find out lots more information about the sights we post!   Use your favorite search engine.04-DSC_0176 05-DSC_0179 06-DSC_0180

Of course, we had to cross the bridge (now only a walking bridge) and crawl around on the rocks to take ‘foto’s’.   🙂07-DSC_0186 08-DSC_0190 09-DSC_0191

A view looking through the timbers of the bridge to the Canyon Creek.    I think I can name a few people that wouldn’t even step foot on this bridge.   LOL   You know who you are!   It really was very stable!10-DSC_0192 11-DSC_0197

The beautiful views continue!12-DSC_0202

Roadside flowers are everywhere.13-DSC_0208 14-DSC_0212

As well as metal sculptures everywhere, too!15-DSC_0218 16-DSC_0227

Our first views of the Kluane River.17-DSC_0241

Beautiful colors on the mountains!1-DSC_0242

We were going to make this a 4 hours driving day, and stay around Kluane.  We arrived there around 1pm…and decided to keep driving.    19-DSC_0263

We are back in the USA!    Well ALMOST.    The checkpoints for this crossing are several miles apart so we have gone through the Canada line but haven’t gotten to the US line yet.  Wonder if they will let us back in?     🙂20-DSC_0300

Beautiful views as far as you can see.21-DSC_0317

And, then, the RAND McNally GPS led us down a gravel road to get to our campground in Tok, Alaska.    WHO KNOWS why it would bypass the Tok Cutoff and send us through the woods.    Thank God, being back in the USA I had turned my cell on and had service  (Verizon) ….so we called the campground for directions.    We were sitting at the intersection of gravel road and gravel road and the GPS lost us.   LOL     It was easy – we keep going on the rocky road, turn left on another rocky road and get to the campground located at Tok Cutoff and rocky road.    LOL    No harm done!    Just another part of the adventure.22-DSC_0319