Whitehorse: The Capital Of The Yukon!

The Raven’s House!01-DSC_0085 02-DSC_0089 03-DSC_0091

The Yukon River….beautiful clear, green water.04-DSC_0095

Remnants of an old wharf.05-DSC_0096 06-DSC_0098 07-DSC_0109

And we were able to walk right out to the river!08-DSC_0110

More fun sculptures!09-DSC_0115

This “Klondike” Riverboat use to navigate the Yukon River.10-DSC_0117 11-DSC_0119 12-DSC_0128 13-DSC_0129 14-DSC_0139



This Boeing 3 “world’s largest weather vane” actually sits on a pedestal and works as a weathervane!16-DSC_0145