It’s all about the Bears (and Bison) – Part 4

As we were driving along, we came upon 2 Motorcyclists stopped viewing something off the side of the road.   With the road built up, we couldn’t see at the bottom… Raymond pulled off to the shoulder.    I got out with my camera and walked across the highway (no traffic at all) – as I look over the edge of the shoulder – this is what I saw.   Maybe 20′ below. I snapped a few pictures and then got back in the truck.    About that time the bear decided to come up the hill enough we could view him from the truck.   🙂    That’s really the closest I want to stumble on a bear!…okay way too close!!!!!   01-DSC_0208 02-DSC_0214 Just relaxing!03-DSC_0219 Rivers are swift.04-DSC_0241

And then we spot a Grizzly.   A Mama Grizzly with 2 cubs.    As you can see, at first they were independent and as we pulled away one of the cubs ran up to the other one!   So cute!!!!05-DSC_0247 06-DSC_0248 07-DSC_0251 08-DSC_0256 09-DSC_0259 10-DSC_0263