Dawson Creek, BC Mile “0” of the Alaska Highway

I couldn’t help including a few more pictures of the female and male “Evening Grosbeak”.

01-DSC_0003 02-DSC_0006 03-DSC_0007

And a Robin with his morning treat.

04-DSC_0010 05-DSC_0012

And off we go toward Dawson Creek, BC.  The beginning of The Alaska Highway!06-DSC_0015 07-DSC_0017

Rain – and for the most part we just got sprinkles!08-DSC_0033

Passed through Beaverlodge, AB.



Welcome to British Columbia!!!!


Quite a brisk wind, blowing sand as we enter Dawson Creek.

11-DSC_0044 12-DSC_0045 13-DSC_0048

Raymond skillfully negotiated a ’round-about’ with the rig!   Another 1st, “he said”.Raymond's 1st Round-A-Bout   Dawson Creek, BC 15-DSC_0052

We visited the Kistkatinaw Bridge from the Old Alaska Hwy.   We walked the length of it, since it’s off the beaten path.

16-DSC_0054 17-DSC_0055 18-DSC_0057 19-DSC_0063 20-DSC_0065 21-DSC_0067 22-DSC_0068 23-DSC_0070 24-DSC_0072 25-DSC_0076

Here we are cutting up again!   No horses so can can’t say “horsing around”.   LOL26-DSC_0078 27-DSC_0086 28-DSC_00877-DSC_0007

Even though Dawson Creek, BC is the Mile “0” of The Alaska Highway, it’s a fun little city with bike/jogging paths that go for miles and lots of friendly people.