“The Cowboy Trail” Alberta 22 Cochrane to Whitecourt, AB


After 2 weeks in Cochrane, AB our Volvo is fixed and we are on our way to AK.   We both agree we’d like to return to Cochrane and stay at the same Bow RiversEdge Campground. Wonderful for running/walking on the long path beside the Bow River and the campground is wonderful as well.

Instead of going East to pick up Alberta 2 between Calgary and Edmonton and then turn West on 97, we decided to take Alberta 22 from Cochrane and head North and we picked up 97 about 50 miles West of Edmonton.    What a nice road to travel and beautiful countryside.

01-DSC_0021 02-DSC_0028 03-DSC_0043 04-DSC_0030 05-DSC_0033 06-DSC_0053 07-DSC_0055

We pulled into Whitecourt, AB and we set up about 3pm.   The nice couple next door to us have been there a month and had a bird feeder out…attracting these birds (unknown what kind)…so I’m hunting through websites to ID this guy.   He even has a pale green beak (similar in shape to a cardinal beak).

08-DSC_0061 09-DSC_0068

Fun ‘foto’ when he took off.   🙂    It has taken me 9 days to be on the computer to ID this bird:   Evening Grosbeak.      🙂

10-DSC_0069 11-DSC_00731-DSC_0003

And this is the female.   Loved the ‘butch’ hairdo she has!2-DSC_0010 3-DSC_0014 4-DSC_0015

Raymond and the neighbor chatting…and you can see the feeder on the far left – with a bird.