Cochrane Ranche, Cochrane, AB, Canada

On the first day we visited the Cochrane Ranche, we got rained out.1-DSC_0006-001

A view of Ray Bagley, Alberta Pioneer

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Inside the Cochrane Ranchehouse, where banquets and receptions are held, there are some wonderful displays.


This mural on the wall…made by lots of tiny pictures.6-DSC_0026-001

Dream Catcher by local Indians.


And, since it was raining we came home.  This is the single lane bridge over the Bow River beside our campground.


And, today we returned to the Ranchehouse to walk up the hill beside the Cochrane Ranche.   Along the trails we found many fun things. Just a beautiful weed.  02-DSC_0003

A view from the top.

Hiking on the top of the hill.

Raphel (Ray) Bagley, 1880-1973, was a rancher and guide in the Red Deer, Onion Lake and Coleman districts of Alberta, Canada. Bagley came to the Lacombe district of Alberta in 1892. He homesteaded and ranched while guiding with the Trail Riders of the Canadian Rockies and conducting private trail rides throughout the southern Rockies from Waterton Lakes National Park to Banff National Park. Bagley wrote poems on western and trail riding themes, self-publishing a volume titled “Those Other Days” in 1969.04-DSC_0008 From his view!1-DSC_0010

More of the park.

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Sunset with rain to the left; back at the campground.10-DSC_0044