Alaska Botanical Garden

Have you even been to a Botanical Garden where there are 2 Bear Warnings before you get inside the gate?    And, it’s enclosed in a high chain link fence?     Jurassic Park feeling, right?

Anyway, we went to the Botanical Garden today.   100 acres.   Lots of natural (ungroomed areas), lots of trails leading off several directions, and beautiful flowers, plants, and trees.  Some were labeled, some were not so names are mostly not included.


Canada Dogwood is ground cover!1-DSC_0022 2-DSC_0056


One of my favorite!4-DSC_008501-DSC_0015 1-DSC_0014 02-DSC_0020 03-DSC_0024

These little flowers were clustered together and the size of a dime.  (total size…not each flower).   04-DSC_0030 05-DSC_0038 06-DSC_0045 07-DSC_0047 08-DSC_0052

Bleeding Heart!Bleeding Heart

Himalayan Peony.10-DSC_0072 11-DSC_0082 12-DSC_0086

And we wandered around the roads near the gardens, and found a wonderful overlook of Anchorage and Cook Inlet. Mostly overcast weather!Overlooking Anchorage and Cook IslandAnd, tonight, we look forward to visiting with a friend that just flew in from Jacksonville. He flew in to enjoy a week or so of fishing!


Bore Tide, Anchorage, Alaska

“Whaling Wall”    601 D Street – downtownWhaling Wall  601 D St  Anchorage, AK

Beautiful parks downtown!Downtown Anchorage D Street 03-DSC_0018 04-DSC_0020 05-DSC_0021

Anchorage Visitor Center.   This is only one of the three on this downtown corner.06-DSC_0022

More murals and park entrance.More Murals

Then we headed South on Seward Hwy.   This is the Indian Valley Meats located in Indian, AK.    Great local shop that processes fish and meats.Indian Valley Meats, Indian, AK Seward Hwy South of Beluga Point

Cook Inlet.   Low Tide.09-DSC_0057 Bore Tide is coming!

Bore Tide near Beluga Point.1st Glimpse of Bore Tide Eagle

South near Bird we found the Bore Tide Wave Riders.    We passed them here, stopped and let them catch up to the scenic overlook, and then we hopped in the car and drove South and waited for them again.   I think we did that 4 times.     FUN.13-DSC_0105 14-DSC_0109 15-DSC_0114 16-DSC_0129

South before the Bore Tide.17-DSC_0134

And we found more Glaciers – Background is Portage Glacier!Bore Tide!

On the return home, this is Cook Inlet.   Tide is still coming in.19-DSC_0145

Some grass has started growing on some of the Mud Flats.YES that is grass growing on the Mud Flats - Seward Hwy South of Beluga Point

We saw two rainbows near home, but only 12 raindrops fell.    🙂God's Promise!    Rainbow near DeBarr St

The Moose Family near our RV Campground

I know you’ve all heard stories about Bear and Moose in Alaska neighborhoods.  We’ve seen it for ourselves.    We are on a 2 lane road, 1 block from Costco and several other stores.   Busy streets and woods all around.    We were going sightseeing and as we pulled out of the campground we look across the road (next to a playground) and a Moose and 2 calves were grazing right at the edge of the trees.    Everyone at the playground cleared out to the far side!    Alaskans know all about Mama Moose!


Every so often we see everyone clear the playground, so she’s visits often with her 2 calves.1-DSC_0002

The clearing to the right is where the playground begins.2-DSC_0004 3-DSC_0007 4-DSC_0008 5-DSC_0011 6-DSC_0013 7-DSC_0016 8-DSC_0018

Eagles & Arctic Terns

We drove to Potter’s Marsh.    One photographer was kind enough to share the places to view the Eagles.    Not present when we first got there, but then I spotted one high in the air being chased by a Seagull or a Tern.     Great area with boardwalks over the marsh.  Spectacular Views.02-DSC_0140 03-DSC_0141 04-DSC_0142 05-DSC_0143 06-DSC_0144

Swallows.   So pretty and blue!07-DSC_0145

The Eagle high above.08-DSC_0149 09-DSC_0150

Flying in to the nest.10-DSC_0159 11-DSC_0171 12-DSC_0173

Swallow in one of the houses the park built.13-DSC_0179 14-DSC_0180

Arctic Tern.15-DSC_0190 16-DSC_0192 17-DSC_0193

Mama Seagull herding her babies!18-DSC_0196 19-DSC_0199 20-DSC_0203 21-DSC_0204

USA vs Portugal

What do you do when you don’t have ESPN?    Find a Sports Bar!    The Peanut Farm is the place to go – 5 huge screens and I don’t know how many smaller TV’s.   We’ve been told during NFL Seasons they show all of the games!    Anyway, we arrived to standing room only and decided to watch and wait for a possible table (I was hungry)!   2 very nice couples had 2 extra chairs at their table invited us to sit with them.   One couple had just moved to AK from NC.   The other related couple was with the US Coast Guard stationed at Kodiak.      It was a fun way to spend the afternoon.USA vs Portugal - World Cup game 2.   Tie 2-2  The Peanut Farm, Anchorage, AK

This was the view from the terrace seats.Terrace View, The Peanut Farm, Anchorage, AK Terrace View, The Peanut Farm, Anchorage, AK 4-20140622_160659

And this view is heading down the road heading back home.Benson Blvd, Anchorage, AK

Mayor’s Midnight Half Marathon

Raymond and I hope to participate in a Half Marathon in all 50 States.  Soon we’ll join the club “50 States Half Marathon”.    We signed up months ago and even though we had a few delays we arrived in Anchorage on time.   Race Day weather was Rain and 48 degrees!    That didn’t stop us!     Rain Gear was a blessing!   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Before the race began, I met Robin and with similar strides we walked and talked during the whole 13.1 miles.     The miles flew by!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The views along the path.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then we arrive at this narrow muddy path and you’d think we were doing a Mud Run – slipping and slidding, hills, people falling….we got through without falling but I’m not sure how.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Almost a mile through a mud path (and hills).  Lots of people fell down.

I glance around the surroundings (once in a while) and what do I see?   A Moose and her calf.   Got a few quick pictures, since none of us wanted her agitated.   She was only about 60′ off the path.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

View of downtown Anchorage – where the race began and ended.   We still have 2 miles from this point.Downtown Anchorage, AK

But, in the end, Raymond and I both finished!!!!    The times weren’t great but it was fun!  The hills were grueling (as they stated in the race brochures) – it lived up to that!We Finished.

Tok, Alaska to Anchorage, AK

Did I mention the views?   Certainly in some of my previous pages I’ve mentioned it.  🙂Tok Cutoff to Anchorage, AK Along the Tok Cutoff

Reflections in the water.HAHA - that's not a duck or a swan...just a piece of wood.

Tundra Swans.04-DSC_0026 05-DSC_0030 06-DSC_0031 07-DSC_0045 08-DSC_0050

Tazlina Glacier

Tazlina Glacier Tazlina Glacier 11-DSC_0141 12-DSC_0152 13-DSC_0156 14-DSC_0160 15-DSC_0161

Nelchina Glacier.Nelchina Glacier - seen from Glenn Highway 17-DSC_0174 Nelchina Glacier

This guy almost landed on my head when we pulled up at a rest area.  Got several great pictures of him and then the female appeared.   Had to be a nest very near, but we never spotted it.    I’m still searching for the ID on these birds.   Blue Beaks were beautiful.19-DSC_0083 20-DSC_0085

The ever present Seagulls.   🙂21-DSC_0092

Here is the female of the charcoal bird.22-DSC_0101 23-DSC_0114 Matanuska Glacier

I’ve been on top of the RV beside the road taking pictures of bears….now, Raymond is on the Volvo bed taking pictures of Glaciers!25-DSC_0119

Matanuska Glacier. Matanuska Glacier 27-DSC_0122