Calgary Downtown and the Calgary Stampede Park

With beautiful weather, we went downtown today to get a few things done.   A little sightseeing and while in the area, I wanted to go in a few ‘shops’.  🙂    First we went to the Calgary Stampede Park where they were having an Expo for the ‘big’ race this Sunday. After paying $15.00 to park, we found the Expo a huge disappointment.   In DC and in Jax the Expo’s are huge and you can find anything you are looking for.   This one had 3 vendors with clothing, 2 with shoes, and the rest were advertising the upcoming races in their areas, etc.  So we left and spent time walking around the Park Grounds.   Wonderful statues, etc.

Calgary Stampede

Love this picture of Raymond.

02-DSC_0036 The Explanation of the statues.

Calgary Tower downtown


Wall carvings.



06-DSC_0043 07-DSC_0046

Beautiful Trees


A mural of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Wall Art

Another view of downtown Calgary.

Downtown Calgary