Another beautiful day at East Glacier, MT

On our way to Browning, MT today to pick up a few supplies (30 miles away), we enjoyed the roadside beauty.   Roadside Wild Horses.    While we were in town, we talked to several people and one native American was telling us about so many animals moving around the low areas of the roads.   He said in another couple of weeks, when LOTS of tourists arrive they will move way up the mountains.   So we have been fortunate to see the wildlife.

Wild Horses along US89 near St Mary, MT Wild Horses along US89 near St Mary, MT

Roadside abandon building from days long ago.near St Mary, MT

And then we noticed the trees covered with new leaves.   Just the past two days, we had temps in the mid 60’s to low 70’s.   It amazing the changes in the trees.   Shades of green are beautiful.

Just a few days ago the bright green trees had no leaves Bighorn Sheep  And, today is our daughter 27th birthday, so when I was chatting with her she said we need to join the crowd and start taking selfies!   We posted pictures from this same bench a few days ago….with our feet on ice and snow that was atleast 18″ deep right in front of us.    It’s all gone!   But, let me tell you, there is still plenty of snow and ice everywhere.1st Selfie with the timer!

Bighorn Sheep along on a ledge.  His ‘friends’ were again all over the mountains.Bighorn Sheep on a ledge.

And with all of the snow melting the rivers are raging.


More beauiful rocks covered with Lichen.   Since the man in town was telling us about the area, we decided to drive up Many Glacier Road again (right before Sunset at 9:20pm). Once again, we found tons of wildlife and nature.

Redrock and Lichen


And then while we were taking a picture of the Raging Waterfalls, a lady pulled up and said there was a “Big Grizz” just down the road on the left.  She appeared to be a resident, so we assume she knows the difference in the bears around here.   So we continued on our way and he was still grazing about 60′ off the side of the road.    He was huge!10-DSC_0037 11-DSC_0042 12-DSC_0046 13-DSC_0051 On the way home, we went down the gravel road on the East Side of St Marys Lake to check the nests we had spotted earlier this week.   And, almost on cue the parent took off flying to distract us.

14-DSC_0054 15-DSC_0060 16-DSC_0062 1-DSC_0066

A Lovely Sunset!

18-DSC_0071 19-DSC_0073We have made reservations NW of Calgary, so we will depart this beauty on Sunday.     I will post as soon as I can, but we are unsure of our communication possibilities.   Cells will be off while we are in Canada, but we are hoping to be in Anchorage on the 17th of June.   Mayor’s Midnight Half Marathon is the 21st of June!    Have a blessed day!


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