Exploring East Glacier around Two Medicine Lake

Another day of exploring around East Glacier.   Gorgeous day and about 62.  The view of the picture of Glacier Mtns is outside the St Marys Visitor Center and show the mountains without snow.   When we return here in late August/early September I’m sure we’ll be amazed at the changes in scenery.

01-DSC_0021 And this is what Glacier NP looks like without snow capped mountains. Historic St Marys Ranger Station.   Not open for visitors!04-DSC_00301913 Ranger Station St Marys Glacier NP

Horses grazing along the road.

05-DSC_0037 Grazing right along Rt 49

Love the snow capped mountains.


Raymond spotted a Marmot in the cliffs.

Raymond spotted a  "what we thought was a badger";  Is It?


Lichen 10-DSC_0060

Another Glacier National Park Sign – each one is different.11-DSC_0066

Glacier Lily

Glacier Lily

River rocks under a swift current.

Colorful Rocks under a swift clear current of the river

Two Medicine Lake still covered with ice.  In the summer, this is the docks for cruises on the lake.


After dinner we took a walk and found the deer moving/grazing. Raymond and I went out for a walk on the road in front of the campgrounds. He's inside the campgrounds.

Just a neat looking tree.



Stellar’s Jay in the fields next to the campgrounds.

Stellar's Jay Stellar's Jay

Just watching the clouds as they pass by the mountains.    Love the view from our windows.

The setting sunJust watching the clouds roll by!

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