Exploring St Mary, MT and Many Glacier Road

Since the “Road To The Sun” highway is not open yet, the KOA Manager told us we could go up Many Glacier Road – it is open!   Lots of wildlife has been out recently, too.   So, we unloaded the Smart and off we go.    Raymond took us along a different route to get to Many Glacer Road – along the West Side of St Mary Lake.   Mostly a dirt road….but plenty of scenery and perfect for us “4 wheeling in the Smart Car”.   LOL

01-DSC_0008 02-DSC_0010



Young Ferruginous Hawks


Then we turned on Many Glacier Road (google it).   There is a Many Glacier Hotel, Campgrounds, scenic hikes, etc.

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And we found a Brown Bear!   As we slowly passed him, he sat down and posed for us.   09-DSC_0039 10-DSC_0040 11-DSC_0041

Right beyond the bear, Raymond spotted a bird right along his side of the road. It’s a Ruffed Grouse.


Back to views of the Mountains.


Then these cute guys were grazing right along the road.  Bighorn Sheep.


We figured this one was saying, “wait don’t leave, where is the food”?15-DSC_0065

16-DSC_0068 17-DSC_0071

Raymond sat on this bench surrounded by snow and looked up on the mountain to see sheep grazing – all over the place.


More Bighorn Sheep all along the slopes.

19-DSC_0082  Since Many Glacier Road has a dead end, as we were leaving Raymond spotted these guys on the road to the Many Glacier Hotel.  Turns out they are a family of Bighorn Sheep that stay near the Many Glacier Hotel.  Way too friendly!   I was out of the car taking pictures and they walked right up to Raymond’s side – he rolled up the window…and they came around to my side – which by that time I had gotten back in the car.   LOL

20-DSC_0095 21-DSC_0099

These were along the road in the thick grass.   Pasque Blossoms – Pulsatilla patens

These gorgeous, showy flowers are visible in meadows along the eastern slopes of Glacier National Park from late May. They are one of the earliest blooming flowers and their heads can be noticed poking above the snow in altitudes up to 10,000 feet.


3 thoughts on “Exploring St Mary, MT and Many Glacier Road

  1. Mountain goats!!! My favorite!! 🙂

    And I can’t believe you’ve now seen a wild bear before I’ve gotten to see one….very cool!

  2. HAHA — well you are usually hiking through the woods, so it’s just as well you haven’t seen one first. JK Do you take bells or something to scare them? AND it was cool….we came around the corner and I saw it’s butt. When we stopped as we passed it – it sat down and just looked at us. “performed on cue”. HAHAHA

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