St Mary, Montana St Mary Glacier Park KOA Campgrounds

A view from the window of the Volvo as we drive this 2 lane (sometimes a third lane as a passing lane) road to the campground.   Quite a ride on such narrow roads…..oh really, we had plenty of normal lane size but just no shoulder along my side of the truck.  HAHAHA

01-DSC_0107 02-DSC_0110

And then we arrive at the place we get to rest, explore and relax for the next 5 nights. A rain shower moved in through the pass and just as quickly as in Florida it was gone and the skies cleared.

03-DSC_0115 04-DSC_0117 So Raymond and I walked around the huge grounds of this KOA.  A river, A lake, and the Glacier National Park (from the East Side).


The river is so clear and has a very colorful rock bottom.


Caught a Canada Goose flying!


And I think we counted at least 16 deer last night.

08-DSC_0149 09-DSC_0153

A view of our camp site…Once again, we continue pushing the season so we have mostly an empty campground.


And these charming little cabins, also for rent.


More deer!


And the mountains are still visible close to 10pm.13-DSC_0178 14-DSC_0181

What a beautiful place!

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