US2 West to Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota

Today began in “The Northern Woods”

The North Woods - US 2 West of Grand Rapids, MN

The North Woods

And as soon as we passed through Fosston, MN we were in The Plains!  In fact, Fosston has a Motto:  Where the Great Northern Woods meet the Plains.03-DSC_0018 04-DSC_0020

We arrived and got set up at Grand Forks AFB FamCampgrounds.  Awesome to be camping on the base.

Grand Forks AFB FamCamp, ND Grand Forks AFB FamCamp, ND Raymond stood beside the measure to show how deep the snow gets!  These are on top of fire hydrants and electrical boxes, etc.  Otherwise they’d never find them!   LOL07-DSC_0033

Since we were under a cloud cover all day, it began to clear.  And we got a really dramatic sunset.

Sunset - Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota

Only the tops of the trees were in sunlight.Sunset  Grand Forks AFB, North Dakota


What a dramatic sunset as the cloud cover clears the horizon. 11-DSC_0055 12-DSC_0058

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  1. Looking forward to watching you travel across the USA. Hopefully, we will catch up to you one of these days. ?

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