US 2 West from St Ignace, MI to Saginaw (Duluth Area), MN

Yep we pulled another marathon driving day on Sunday.   Our goal is to drive between 10am-3pm and no more than about 300 miles any one day.   BUT – this time we wanted to get near the Duluth Area so we can pick up a card from the military that will allow us to camp on bases around the US.

Lots of rain in this area, so we couldn’t stay at the planned stop on the East Side of Duluth at South Range.   After calling 3 other campgrounds we found a Good Sam park between 2 Lakes – but it’s high and dry.    So we are in Saginaw, Minnesota.     MWR office is open Tuesday and Thursday.    We plan to take care of that on Tuesday and leave Wednesday.

These are the last glimpses of Lake Michigan as we travel US West.   It’s a beautiful road, not lots of small towns, and at 55mph Raymond has time to relax and enjoy the roadside views.

Lake Michigan US 2 West Lake Michigan Historical Marker

First view of Lake Superior!

Lake Michigan 5-DSC_0018 Along US2 West

Yep that’s Ice along the road.  Even though it’s 65 degrees.

Still snow on the ground and it's 60-something outside. Lake Superior Snow Melt


Enjoy your day wherever you may be!


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